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    How to Make Wax Cupcakes

Put a creative spin on tarts or votives by making cupcakes. Change the fragrances and colors of the icing or the cake for upcoming birthdays or holidays.

Boxed CupcakesMaterials Needed:

Cover your work area with butcher paper or newspaper. Spills or drips are most times unavoidable, and clean up is much easier if you don’t have to clean wax off of your work surface.

Prepare Wax

Step 1 – Prepare wax

Prepare the wax as if you were making candles. The wax should be at the appropriate pouring temperature for the wax you are using. This will usually be between 160 and 180 degrees.

The amount of wax needed will vary depending on the size and quantity of cupcakes being made.  Including the "icing," a regular sized cupcake will be about 3 ounces.  The miniature cupcakes will be about an ounce.

The "cake" and "icing" can be made different colors.  If the "cake" is made a light color (white, cream or ivory), dye can be added to the remaining wax to make a different color for the "icing."  If the "cake" and "icing" are darker colors, two seperate batches of wax may be required.


Step 2 – Pour the wax

our the wax into the cupcake papers.  Make sure to fill them slowly so they fill evenly.

If the cupcakes are being wicked, the wicks can be glued to the cupcake paper or set in after the wax has been poured.  Straighten the wicks occassionally, or use wick bars to help hold them in place. 

Allow them to cool completely, and they are ready for icing.


Step 3 – Whip the wax

Remelt the remaining wax, and add dye if necessary.  Let the wax cool until a skin is formed across the top.  Using a plastic fork as a whisk, whip the wax as if you were beating egg whites. 

Continue to whip the wax until it starts to set up.  (The sides of the pouring pot will need to be scraped occassionally.)  The wax is ready to add to the cupcakes when you can "stack" the wax on itself, and it retains it's shape.

Do not let it set up too much or the icing will not stick to the cupcake.


Step 4 - Ice the cupcakes

Using the plastic fork or spoon, place the "icing" on the cupcakes.  While the wax is still soft, it can be shaped.

Make sure to let the cupcakes cool completely before removing them from the pan. 


That's it!

You're finished!  They are ready for everyone to enjoy, with no calorie guilt!  Sell them individulally or in boxed sets.  

NOTE: Be careful when moving or transporting the cupcakes. The "icing" can flake off if they are bumped or rub against other cupcakes.


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