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How To Decoupage Candle Containers

How To Decoupage Containers



Most all of our containers and lids are sold separately so you can mix and match and create the look YOU want!

Candle Molds


Votive Molds

mold-001_S.jpgThese votive molds are our most popular selling molds and are very easy to use.  They produce a votive candle which is about 2 ounces in size and will burn for approximately 15 hours.




Seamless Aluminum Molds

mold-127_S.jpgOur seamless aluminum molds produce round pillar candles.  They are constructed of a highly durable and rigid aluminum.  The bottom of the mold (top of the candle) has a slight concave shape to contain the initial melt pool once the candle is lit.  A wick hole is already present in the mold and various sizes are available.



Pillar Molds

mold-109_S.jpgPillar molds produce many shapes and sizes of pillar candles. They are constructed of a  durable tin-plated steel.  A wick hole is already present in the mold.  Each mold of this type also comes with a wick bar, mold sealer, a short length of raw wicking, and some general instructions.



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