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Glue Dots (2,000 per box)

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The ultimate solution to keeping your wicks perfectly centered in your jars without having to use those messy, dangerous hot glue guns or expensive super-glue.  Highly adhesive GLUE DOTS™ come on a roll inside a handy dispensing box.  You simply press the tab of your pretabbed wick onto the wick sticker to remove it from the roll (which is wax paper, so it is removed very easily).  Then, simply press firmly down into the center of your jar and you're DONE!  Another accessory that works well with these GLUE DOTS is our Bow Tie Wick Bars.

Product Reviews

  • 07/07/2014 - - Anonymous - I love these glue dots, I can't live without them. So easy to use, they never fail me. I never had a problem with them, this is my 5th time to order :)
  • 05/06/2014 - - Anonymous - We used a whole box of these and never had a problem with the glue not holding. Just ordered the box of 2,000! Also you can't run to your local craft store to get this size. MUCH easier than a glue gun.
  • 12/15/2013 - David J- Anonymous - I purchased the glue dots to hold wick tabs in place so they wouldn't float around. Using the EZ wick setter and crimped wick tabs, the glue dots held great...until you pour the wax. Once you pour the wax the glue dots just dissolved into a gooey mess. I tried warming container first then adding dots, no luck. Tried adding dots then warming container, no luck. I even tried different pour temps, no luck. So, now I'm stuck with a box of over 900 dots that are pretty much useless. I would definitely not recommend this product.
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