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Spring Fragrance Oils
Spring Fragrance Oils




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EcoSoya CB-XceL Soy Container Wax

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EcoSoya™ CB-XceL is 100% soy and molecularly blueprinted to control polymorphism.  It has extreme resistance to bloom (white frosting) and “wet spots,” while producing an excellent scent throw with fragrances.  It maintains an even burn pool with consistent color retention.  

CB-XceLtm requires one pour and new technology allows for top surface re-melting.  CB-XceLtm has the highest melt point of all our container waxes, enabling shipment to all climates.

Comes in flake form

  • Pour temperature: 110°F - 145°F 
  • Fragrance Oil Load:  6 - 10%

Product Reviews

  • 05/07/2014 - - Anonymous - love it
  • 04/22/2014 - - Anonymous - The wax is nice and smooth but there is always wet spots! Deborah what temp did you melt and pour at?
  • 03/10/2014 - Deborah R- Anonymous - LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS WAX!!! The best wax ever. No water spots, frosting, gives a clean burn and delivers a smooth surface every time! I've been changed thank you lone star my products are going to be much loved by my customers...best wax on the market! Have to work a little more on getting my fragrances to throw but this wax is awesome!!!!
  • 02/18/2013 - - Anonymous - This is definitely the best soy wax I have ever used. It's harder & firmer than CB Advanced and has a longer burn rate. As long as I have patience when adding dyes and fragrance oils and wait until it cools to pour, I can achieve almost perfect results. It's the only soy wax I buy now.
  • 02/09/2013 - Carleigh P- Anonymous - I use this for containers and clamshells. It works well with both, but I do find that I often have wet spots and bloom on my candles. I'm heating the jars, so not sure what the problem is. Still, it's my go-to soy wax for my products.
  • 12/21/2012 - mike w- Anonymous - Only 4 since I had to look up the heat to temp on another website. Great wax so will be back for many more!
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