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IGI 1274 Mottling Wax

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Paraffin wax blend designed for use in the manufacture of "mottled" style pillar and votive candles.

  • Mottling effect creates a unique, rustic look on the finished candle.
  • Holds average amount of fragrance oil.  Fragrance oil retention of 6% is  typical.
  • Good mold release.
  • Good burn characteristics.

Product Reviews

  • 06/12/2013 - tanna d- Anonymous - I've made really nice mottled pillars and votives with this wax. I even poured some votives at a cooler temp to make more rustic looking votives. My two issues with this wax are it doesn't hold much fragrance oil without seeping, so I only use super concentrated fragrance oils which limits my choices, and the pillars get pitting very easily. I eliminated most of them by pouring very hot but I still get some pitting. I might try an additive to see if it can hold more fragrance oil but keep the mottling effect.
  • - - Anonymous - 11/23/2012 14:11:18I have had trouble with this wax not mottling. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem. I have been making and selling pillar candles for 14 years----I run in to this problem once in a while and it is very frustrating. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be.
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