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IGI 4636 Container Blend Wax (J-50)

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Soft and creamy, this low-shrink blend is designed specifically for container candles.  This blend was formerly known as Astorlite J-50.

  • The low-shrink property of this wax means in most applications you only have to pour once!
  • Holds above average amounts of fragrance oil.  Fragrance oil retention of 6-10% is typical.
  • Very good burn characteristics.
  • Good scent throw.

Product Reviews

  • 01/09/2017 - Larry S- Anonymous - We have been using this wax for over 10 years is AWESOME. You have to watch the temperature of the wax along with making sure your jars are slightly warm to make sure good adhesion and to avoid blow holes.
  • 06/04/2015 - - Anonymous - This is the only wax we use for our jar candles! We love it! We hope nothing changes with this one! It is great!
  • 10/23/2014 - Janell T- Anonymous - I got this wax in my starter kit and my first batch of candles all had holes in them. The plus side to this wax is, it's very easy to sure for beginners like myself. I guess to solve the problem with holes, is to make a little extra and wait until the candles are dry the pour on top to cover holes.
  • 03/23/2014 - Ladon S- Anonymous - This wax came along with my starter kit. I used it awhile, works great on smaller candles but when I started using on my bigger candles holes are forming in the top, and its not sticking to the glass, going to use another wax, I have to be able to make big and little candles, plus its to expensive to have ANY problems. I wouldn't reccomend for use in large candles. For the price its totally not worth it.
  • 03/22/2014 - tiffany c- Anonymous - very good wax to use for jar candles. I have no problems with it. been using it for almost two years now. worth the money. :)
  • 02/24/2014 - Melissa B- Anonymous - Worked wonderfully, got the starter kit, and this came with it. Have only used in the small jars that came with the kit though so will see once start making larger candles.
  • 11/26/2013 - Cheryl N- Anonymous - First time ever using this wax and my 26 oz. jars have horrid sink holes in them. My small jar candles come out beautifully and so did my tealights. Certainly open to any suggestions.




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