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IGI R2322A Glass Glow Palm Container Wax

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Glass Glow Palm Wax is a container wax that mimics the look of marble. When used in containers, it becomes translucent during burning resulting in a glowing effect. This is a very popular palm wax!

Has an excellent scent throw, good adhesion to containers and is a one-pour wax. Easy to work with. Comes in granular form so easy to measure and store. Is an excellent wax for layered candles.

NOTE: Our palm wax sources are renewable in nature and do not contain GMO material. The materials come from a RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) member source. Palm wax is an environmentally friendly product since it comes from a sustainable and renewable source and it burns cleanly.

Product Reviews

  • 12/18/2015 - Abigail G- Anonymous - It looks beautiful once it's hard but I had a terrible time getting my melting pot clean since the wax is so hard! Can someone give me tips??
  • 12/01/2015 - Lori K- Anonymous - I absolutely LOVE this wax. The melt point is very high, so I don't need to worry about it melting during shipping, and it's a very hard wax, so it's almost impossible to damage. It has an amazing scent throw and looks like crystal once dry. I never have uneven tops with this wax. Also, you ARE able to make clamshell tarts out of it. There are a couple of things you need to do when using this - pre-heat your containers in the oven. Preheat the oven to 170 and then turn the oven off (leaving your candle containers still inside to keep them warm), then, once you pour your candles, put them back in the oven to dry for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.
  • 10/05/2015 - Paul P- Anonymous - I have been using this wax since I started making candles in Feb. 2015. It is a great wax, I now sell ONLY candles made with this wax and my customers love it. Any container with a neck diameter of over 2" I double, or triple wick, this stops the tunneling. Fragrance cold is fantastic, and when I burn, even the smallest 3oz candle I make, it fills my entire house. I have never had to use a heat gun, other than when I let the container get too cool. I use 1oz per pund loading.
  • 02/19/2015 - - Anonymous - Once I did my first Palm candle I used nothing else. I've used Palm wax for 4 yrs now. I've been begging Lone Star for 3 yrs to get Palm wax and I was so excited when they did. Their Gasglow palm is the best I've found. The formation looks amazing on the glass and I've gotten Palm From every supplier in the States. Your right about tunneling but as you work with it you learn to change that. My clients love my candles as the illumination of the container. The key is finding the right wick. Practice and time make that happen. Scent taKes stirring 5 or more minutes and in between every move. Thanks Lone Star for getting my Palm wax
  • 01/09/2015 - - Anonymous - After looking at the sample pictures of this wax I decided to give this a go..I bought a 10lb bag and was met with disappointment as I tried to wick this wax....Almost every wick I used just tunneled down the center creating a flame larger than my other candles in paraffin....I was stumped until I read somewhere that when the candle cools it creates a air pocket usually around the wick..that air pocket is going to help your candle crater..So I watched a candle as it cooled ...and sure enough as the top layer hardened I could pick the candle up and see the big air bubble below the surface...if you want to stop the tunneling ..eliminate the air reservoir...my method for this was after the candle hardens...is to use my heat gun on the entire top layer until I eliminate all the air pockets...and let it re-cool..with no are bubbles I decided to double-wick any 3 inch diameter jar and above sized jar...what I get is a edge to edge burning candle with zero pickup on the jar...I run fragrance load @ 10% and it holds...I will be purchasing more of this wax...It's burns the cleanest of any wax I've ever used...And I've used them all..
  • 12/06/2014 - Chris A- Anonymous - After making fifteen, beautiful holiday candles, I thought it wise to test one. It did not create a puddle and burnt strait through.
  • 10/23/2014 - rickey s- Anonymous - I've been using this wax for a lil over a month and I love the way it looks when it sets. But I have noticed that if I don't double scent it u can't smell it as much. Other than that don't have a problem w the wax. Its so much easier than having the cut wax off of a slab and either having too much or not enough and everyone that I've given a candle to loves the look and also the smell...thank u lone star...:)
  • 10/12/2014 - Paisley E- Anonymous - When this wax arrived, I was very excited to try it. It looks so beautiful & the tops melt evenly. Cold throw is good, but the hot is nonexistent, which was very disappointing. I haven't sold a single candle, because I test EVERY formula. The grain texture it comes in is fantastic & so easy to work with. The biggest issue for me is that the containers I use are only 3 inches wide & it melts a hole straight through the wax. I was very surprised. Overall, this is a good wax, but I just won't be able to make money with this blend.
  • 05/29/2014 - - Anonymous - Wonderful wax. Cool it slowly by wrapping your containers in bubble wrap or other insulation. Beautiful marble like effect and great scent throw. I use 6% fragrance load.
  • 04/17/2014 - julie p- Anonymous - This wax by far is the best palm wax I have used to date and I have tried several. Fellow candle makers beware I DO NOT recommend Natures Garden Palm wax(did not cool with a marble affect does not adhere to the container even though they call it container wax so you cannot do a double pour overall poor performance and bad customer service)) PLEASE buy from Lone Star this was is beautiful and has an awesome throw. I will not stray from Lone Star ever again!
  • 12/07/2013 - - Anonymous - Beautiful Wax!! Has almost a marble looking effect.The throw is awesome too. Will buy more




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