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IGI R2322A Glass Glow Palm Container Wax

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Glass Glow Palm Wax is a container wax that mimics the look of marble. When used in containers, it becomes translucent during burning resulting in a glowing effect. This is a very popular palm wax!

Has an excellent scent throw, good adhesion to containers and is a one-pour wax. Easy to work with. Comes in granular form so easy to measure and store. Is an excellent wax for layered candles.

NOTE: Our palm wax sources are renewable in nature and do not contain GMO material. The materials come from a RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) member source.

Product Reviews

  • 12/06/2014 - Chris A- Anonymous - After making fifteen, beautiful holiday candles, I thought it wise to test one. It did not create a puddle and burnt strait through.
  • 10/23/2014 - rickey s- Anonymous - I've been using this wax for a lil over a month and I love the way it looks when it sets. But I have noticed that if I don't double scent it u can't smell it as much. Other than that don't have a problem w the wax. Its so much easier than having the cut wax off of a slab and either having too much or not enough and everyone that I've given a candle to loves the look and also the smell...thank u lone star...:)
  • 10/12/2014 - Paisley E- Anonymous - When this wax arrived, I was very excited to try it. It looks so beautiful & the tops melt evenly. Cold throw is good, but the hot is nonexistent, which was very disappointing. I haven't sold a single candle, because I test EVERY formula. The grain texture it comes in is fantastic & so easy to work with. The biggest issue for me is that the containers I use are only 3 inches wide & it melts a hole straight through the wax. I was very surprised. Overall, this is a good wax, but I just won't be able to make money with this blend.
  • 05/29/2014 - - Anonymous - Wonderful wax. Cool it slowly by wrapping your containers in bubble wrap or other insulation. Beautiful marble like effect and great scent throw. I use 6% fragrance load.
  • 04/17/2014 - julie p- Anonymous - This wax by far is the best palm wax I have used to date and I have tried several. Fellow candle makers beware I DO NOT recommend Natures Garden Palm wax(did not cool with a marble affect does not adhere to the container even though they call it container wax so you cannot do a double pour overall poor performance and bad customer service)) PLEASE buy from Lone Star this was is beautiful and has an awesome throw. I will not stray from Lone Star ever again!
  • 12/07/2013 - - Anonymous - Beautiful Wax!! Has almost a marble looking effect.The throw is awesome too. Will buy more
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