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IGI R2778A Starburst Palm Pillar Wax

This wax has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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This wax produces a starburst pattern and is suitable for use in votives and pillar candles.

Comes in granular form so easy to measure and store.

NOTE: Our palm wax sources are renewable in nature and do not contain GMO material. The materials come from a RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) member source. Palm wax is an environmentally friendly product since it comes from a sustainable and renewable source and it burns cleanly.

Product Reviews

  • 02/27/2017 - Trish M- Anonymous - I'm a first timer pillar maker, so this wax had me intimidated because I've never used anything but soy wax but, I was willing to dive in and try it anyway. I love this wax...why on earth would I wait this long to use this?! It's so easy to unmold from a seamless mold. This has me rethinking my product line
  • 09/23/2016 - JoAnn R- Anonymous - I love this wax for pillar candles with metal molds. I have no problem getting the candle out of the mold. 5 minutes in the refrigerator after it is fully cooled... easy peasy..so beautiful sparkling crystals form.. I love it!
  • 09/14/2015 - Gretchen G- Anonymous - I love this wax, I have no trouble getting it out of my metal molds at all. I do not use mold release - I get a beautiful result everytime and they smell beautiful.
  • 05/01/2015 - Jessica K- Anonymous - I have tried everything but I just CAN'T get this wax out of my molds! It's so BEAUTIFUL when I put in a glass container and unfortunately with glass containers they pop RIGHT out of them! It has a gorgeous effect but it's RUINING my molds. I've gone through 3 molds trying out this wax and I'm AFRAID to try it in any others. I will just have to put them in containers and deal with them popping out. I'd give this wax 5 stars if I could just get them out of my metal molds! I've tried round molds, square molds and star molds. I've tried pouring hot in heated molds and hot in un-heated molds and pour temp in heated molds and pour temp in un-heated molds. I tried using mold release and tried without mold release. Nothing works! I'm going to have to melt the wax in the molds to get it out and PRAY that the molds are still usable :-( so sad I can't get this wax to work.
  • 02/06/2015 - - Anonymous - Hi , I am the one that gave the starburst palm wax 1 star below. I just wanted to share my experience after I took one step back and I was trying to figure out what to do with 100 pounds of wax that was not working for me. I went back to my studio and I combined starburst palm wax with feather palm wax and the result was incredible. The formations on the candles are out of this world. No more problems getting the wax out of the molds.I am so happy that I figured this out and I will definitely keep ordering the products from Lone Star in the future. Petra S.
  • 02/02/2015 - - Anonymous - I just ordered the starburst palm pillar wax from Lone Star for the first time. I usually order my palm wax from a different source, but I told myself I will give it a try. I am extremely disappointed with this product! Sad thing is that it is not as described on the website and the picture is inaccurate. The wax will not come off the forms even after dipping them in the hot water as recommended. After a long struggle getting the wax out from the form, the star formation on the candle is very poor, almost not visible. I have been using starburst palm wax for many years, but this is the worst by far. Sad thing is that you can not even return the product after opening. Petra S.
  • 11/18/2014 - tammy h- Anonymous - I love this wax , single pour,great scent throw,burns clean , can be used for containers and gives a rustic look.
  • 09/23/2014 - - Anonymous - Love this wax!




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