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Wooden Wick - Extra Large

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Made with the finest wood in the USA and pressure processed for 3 days, this wooden wick provides an excellent scent throw, quick melt pool, and crackles just like a real open fire.  They are very clean burning.  These soft wood wicks provide the ultimate performance in an all-natural wood wick.

New and improved and easier to light and stay lit!

We recommend using the large or extra large size wood wick when used in pure soy. Testing will need to be done to ensure a proper melt pool is achieved. Not recommended for palm or bees wax. Manufacturer recommends AGAINST using multiple wicks in one candle.

Sold in bags of 12.

Special custom wick tabs are included.  Approximately 5" in length and 3/4" wide.

Product Reviews

  • 07/03/2016 - Linda M- Anonymous - after much trial and error this is what I have discovered about these wicks. 1)crackles best with heavy fragrance load. Will not stay let if the candle is unscented. 2)Does not burn well if a color has been added to the wax )xl is the best size for almost all applications
  • 02/10/2016 - - Anonymous - These wooden wicks were used in an 8 oz tin and worked beautifully. Full melt pool in an hour. Far better than cotton wicks. No crackle.
  • 02/25/2015 - - Anonymous - These wicks work exactly as stated. I've never had a problem with the wicks staying lit. I do have to stress to customers that the wick needs to be kept VERY short to prevent smoking.
  • 06/18/2014 - - Anonymous - I have used these for 3 years. The key is to burn for at least an hour for the first time you light it to ensure an even scent pool. THEN always pinch off charred end of wick before relighting. My customers love the wooden wick.
  • 01/17/2014 - Tim/Laura G- Anonymous - Love these wicks! No problems here! You may have to trim them depending upon the size of the candle. We order the XL only. Tested one in house. Re lit with NO problems. Burns differently but will melt evenly after 1 hour and left NO wax on outside of jar. Love it!
  • 12/29/2013 - - Anonymous - Recently bought large and extra large wooden wicks. Made forty candles to give as gifts. Single extra large wick in 4" container will not burn off wax fast enough to match burn rate of the wooden wicks. Result, flame drowned out by wax. Bummer, now I tell everyone to dump excess wax to keep candle lit, what a waste. Todd
  • 12/17/2013 - Zach B- Anonymous - I thought this was going to solve all my wick problems, wrong! Very hard to relight! some require so many relights after going out over and over again, there is no wick left! It says "They light and stay lit". Afraid Not. I bought a bunch of these too, bummer.
  • 10/12/2013 - Valeria P- Anonymous - Can't stop staring at my lit candle! Sooooo much more enjoyable than a regular wick, and these fine products are a) easy to lite and b) very, very clean burning! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! ;)




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