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Nice aroma of a log cabin.

25lb pails may need a 1 -2 week lead time based on availability.

IFRA Maximum Usage Level:
Lip Products: NOT Allowed
Creams, Lotions, Oils (except baby products): 100%
Soap (Liquid & Bar): 100%
Candles, Room Fragrance Products: 100%

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Product Reviews

  • 04/15/2017 - Randy B- Anonymous - Please read entire review! I made this one as a trial - i brought 10oz of natural soy wax to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, then added 1/3 tsp Vybar 260 and 1 oz of this fragrance - it's very, VERY strong and can easily overpower any other scents in the vicinity. I would caution other reviewers to keep in mind that when you are initially pouring any type of fragrance oil, the scent is extremely concentrated, and therefore very overpowering. I have had many occasions where when mixing and pouring a scent, it is extremely overpowering, and actually smells quite different than after the wax has set. After pouring this one, letting the wax set, and doing a trial burn, the chemical smell was no longer part of the equation. No more medicinal smell. I produce and recommend this one mainly for garages, workshops, etc., and caution customers to only burn it for an hour at a time initially until they get used to it. I accidentally let this one burn overnight, for a straight 9 hours, and when I woke up in the morning I realized I had left it lit, and immediately put it out. This fragrance was present in my home for the next 3 days! I agree with the other reviews, in terms of possibly changing the name to Smoked Cedar.
  • 11/20/2016 - - Anonymous - Icky smell, it makes me nauseous. It smells fake and plasticy
  • 10/27/2016 - Kristen T- Anonymous - Great Cedar smell
  • 07/10/2016 - Ben B- Anonymous - I'd actually be at about 2.5 stars on this one. It DOES smell somewhat cedar-y, but as some other reviewers have said it's very medicinal, not a true cedar scent like you would get from essential oil. Must be that some fragrances don't transfer well to FO's. As a straight fragrance it's too medicinal to be used. I'm blending it very sparingly with an apple pie fragrance for fall, basically just to use it up. It's not so bad I'd dump it out, but I wouldn't buy it again.
  • 06/28/2015 - Tim F- Anonymous - Although I did not find this an unpleasant smell. It was not strong and I did not find it smelled much like cedar. I would give it a 3 1/2 stars. I find it hard to describe how it actually smells to me.
  • 12/28/2013 - Marcas B- Anonymous - Please read entire review. I give it 4 1/2 stars.... but would recommend the name be changed slightly to reflect the scent. It took me awhile to put my finger on this one, but there is enough smoke in this scent for me to say it's not 100% cedar. I love the smell of cedar... so if you are looking for a smoked-note with your cedar... this is a GREAT scent. Again, the name change is all this might require. Smoked Cedar? Great scent though. Personally I love it and so do my customers.... just rename to reflect the smoke and this will be a good addition to your candles. - By Philary
  • 11/17/2013 - - Anonymous - True cedar smell, very strong aroma.
  • 07/09/2013 - - Anonymous - This fragrance smelled more like... Burnt spruce and vick's vapor rub. Think it would be best paired with something else.
  • 03/27/2013 - Jennifer H- Anonymous - I've been buying this fragrance for years but can't quite say it is a true cedar fragrance. It is a little bit smokey but still very nice. The description of it being the aroma of a log cabin is a good one.




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