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You know that heart-warming smell of a good fire burning in the winter time?  This is it!  You'll love it!!!

25lb pails may need a 1 -2 week lead time based on availability.

IFRA Maximum Usage Level:
Lip Products:  NOT Allowed
Creams, Lotions, Oils (except baby products):  1.85%
Soap (Liquid & Bar):  1.85%
Candles, Room Fragrance Products:  Unknown

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Product Reviews

  • 10/27/2016 - Kristen T- Anonymous - Rugged and amazing smell. Men love it. Pair with a wood wick for a true campfire!
  • 10/02/2016 - Rosie J- Anonymous - My best seller so far!! Love this scent! Use it with soy wax, great throw hot or cold!
  • 06/07/2016 - Jessica M- Anonymous - I have been looking for a good Firewood/Campfire FO FOREVER and finally found one that works! It's warm, smokey, woody, and has fantastic throw! Smells exactly like you just threw some cedar wood in a woodstove. I used in paraffin at 9%. Only downside is that it is very thick, so make sure to mix well!
  • 05/31/2016 - Jessica M- Anonymous - I as so happy I FINALLY found a true campfire/firewood scent! This actually smells very similar to the "Cedar" FO Lonestar sells, but with a bit more of a smokey finish. I did a few different blends with this one (1 part pine/3 parts firewood for one mix and 1 part cedar/3 parts Firewood for the other mix) and my family members still preferred the plain Firewood scent to any of my mixes. Smells almost like the hickory chips you buy for a smokehouse. I also purchased the Fireside (type) FO and didn't like that one as much as Firewood. Firewood was more of a warm scent whereas Fireside was a little spicy (like incense). Overall, wonderful FOs and so happy I found this!
  • 01/25/2016 - - Anonymous - This is not the Firewood they used to have in 2012-2013 No burnt smell at all. No hot or cold throw. I have had nothing but complaints.
  • 09/02/2015 - Deborah H- Anonymous - Wasn't thinking I would like this one, but its really cool. My electric fireplace now seems like a real log fire! My friend made me order her a bottle to make Christmas candles. It is great with a wood wick... it has a cute crackles when it burns. I like my fragrances strong and this one certainly is.
  • 01/11/2015 - REBECCA G- Anonymous - This smells EXACTLY like firewood! Trust me :) Awesome scent throw in my soy wax.
  • 11/06/2014 - Mike M- Anonymous - I love this fragrance! I mix it 60% Firewood, and 40% Blue Spruce and/or Pine -- makes a great candle I call "Campfire". One of my best sellers! Great hot and cold throw in soy wax. (My only wish is that the price would come back down in line with fragrances -- I eat the difference in order to keep all my candles priced the same.)
  • 06/18/2014 - - Anonymous - I was very excited to try this scent. Unfornately, I have to give it low rating. It smells nothing like firewood. To me it smells more like someone trying to cover up a smoke smell with something more frangrant. It was not a pleasant smell.
  • 12/28/2013 - Marcas B- Anonymous - Believe me or not; the best seller among women for me. Very accurate and true to it's name and description. One of my favorites as well. As a guy, yeah it's a man candle. I haven't had many men purchase this one though.... Mainly women... can't figure it out. VERY true scent. You want the bonfire scent in an apartment complex or a city with a burning ordinance? This is it. Great memories call for great candles to reflect those memories. Hanging with the buds at the fire over a few brews? That's it for me... and this is that scent that allows me to keep those memories in the back of my mind. 5 stars all the way. - By Philary
  • 12/02/2013 - Samantha W- Anonymous - I absolutely love this scent! It's so realistic! It's extremely strong out of the bottle but don't let that deter you, after a short time burning it'll smell like you have a fireplace!
  • 03/25/2013 - Jennifer H- Anonymous - Extremely strong when burning in soy and paraffin. This is a huge seller for me - people are amazed at how realistic it smells. You'll want to wick up on this one as it is very thick. I've not been able to get it to burn well in large jar candles - the fragrance eventually clogs the wick and puts itself out. However, it works great in smaller candles, tarts, etc. Incredibly strong and realistic. I just wish the price would go back down!
  • 11/05/2012 - - Anonymous - LOVE this one! Smells just like firewood! You can light this one in your room and soon forget you don't even own a fireplace.
  • 10/28/2012 - - Anonymous - Very strong best for man candles Not my favorite
  • 08/21/2008 - - Anonymous - Awsome!!




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