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Fruit Slices

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A fruit salad blend with slices of grapefruits, oranges, lemons, strawberries, and ripe raspberries.

25lb pails may need a 1 -2 week lead time based on availability.

IFRA Maximum Usage Level:
Lip Products:  NOT Allowed
Creams, Lotions, Oils (except baby products):  20.0%
Soap (Liquid & Bar):  20.0%
Candles, Room Fragrance Products:  100%

(See IFRA Certificate on Technical Information tab for more details)

Product Reviews

  • 04/15/2017 - Randy B- Anonymous - I make this one quite often for my girlfriend- i bring 10oz of natural soy wax to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, then added 1/3 tsp Vybar 260 and 1 oz of this fragrance (seems to be the perfect ratio) - OH MY GOD IT IS SPLENDID!!! Both hot and cold throw are wonderful, and she and her friends can't get enough of it!!!
  • 02/09/2017 - - Anonymous - This is an amazing smell. Very strong in Soy Wax and has a true to Fruit smell. One of my favorites
  • 11/20/2016 - Jana S- Anonymous - Probably the best scent throw of any candle I've ever made. Used just over 1oz/lb in 4630 harmony blend.
  • 05/08/2016 - - Anonymous - If I had to choose only one scent ever ... Being a fruit person .... This would be it! Such a tart, citrus-y smell that gets you in the jaw as if you were tasting it. The throw is AMAZING!
  • 04/08/2016 - Kimberly G- Anonymous - This is a very satisfying and uplifting fragrance. Orange/citrus is very obvious with a nice berry background. Throws great in soy.
  • 04/20/2015 - Arlene S- Anonymous - A customer favorite. Great scent throw and very fruity.
  • 04/10/2015 - - Anonymous - My customers love this scent! Very strong and fruity, just like the label states. I will be buying again.
  • 03/17/2014 - - Anonymous - This scent is a sell out with me!!
  • 03/05/2014 - - Anonymous - Always a best seller, especially in the summer.
  • 01/01/2014 - Brenden M- Anonymous - used with gw464 soy wax. smelt amazing and one of the best scents with soy
  • 12/28/2013 - Marcas B- Anonymous - Wasn't sold on this one at first. After I poured, tested, sold some... smelled it enough times... I am sold. It really is "fruit slices". I can't pinpoint any one fruit... and that's why I love it. Because I couldn't pinpoint the fruits... this is my "Fruity Mystery".... colored it brownish/purple to reflect the name... which for me was a great move. People love the scent. I love the scent. Like I said, took awhile for me to warm up to this one cause I do NOT like fruity smells all too comfortable... but I have grown to love this one. Great fragrance! 5 stars - By Philary
  • 11/25/2013 - Risa L- Anonymous - This scent is one of my personal favorites. I love fruity scents and this one is beyond perfection. I use to buy one localy but a lot more expensive. I dont mind paying shipping and handling for this one. Reasonably priced.LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
  • 11/24/2013 - Onata A- Anonymous - This scent has great throw in soy CB 135. It's soft but not over powering and one of my best sellers year round. I've been buying it for 5 years now. Onata Candles
  • 08/13/2013 - Tasha L- Anonymous - Love this! Nice fresh scent!
  • 08/07/2013 - - Anonymous - Overall one of my husbands favorite scents.Very nice fragrance!
  • 03/31/2013 - - Anonymous - very nice scent but the orange is definitely a top note
  • 03/08/2013 - - Anonymous - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
  • 10/22/2012 - Kelly Z- Anonymous - Reminds me of skittles and the pink lipstick we played with as children. Great tropical scent.
  • 08/21/2008 - - Anonymous - The name says it all! I very nice scent that leaves you coming back for more! :-)




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