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Mulled Cider

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Spicy bouquet of apple, clove, orange and cinnamon topnotes with a sweet musky background.

25lb pails may need a 1 -2 week lead time based on availability.

IFRA Maximum Usage Level:
Lip Products:  NOT Allowed
Creams, Lotions, Oils (except baby products):  0.2%
Soap (Liquid & Bar):  0.2%
Candles, Room Fragrance Products:  100%

(See IFRA Certificate on Technical Information tab for more details)

Product Reviews

  • 11/03/2016 - Rocco V- Anonymous - Smells like spice. Nothing like cider. Very disappointed. I have to dump the batch I made because I already have a spice smelling candle.
  • 09/30/2016 - Andrea P- Anonymous - Smelled exactly like hot cider. Great cold and hot throw. Definitely recommend.
  • 06/12/2016 - - Anonymous - Went out on a whim and bought a 16oz without testing and WOW I could not be more happy with how this FO turned out! I had a guest over right after this was finished brewing and when he walked in, said "WOW, what is that?!" The cold throw is phenomenal and the FO is so true to its name that I was afraid if someone were to walk into the kitchen and see my oil/wax sitting in its pitcher, they might actually try to pour themselves a glass! SO GOOD that I would rate 10 stars if I could and can already tell this will be an amazing seller!
  • 12/01/2014 - Alexandra M- Anonymous - Great scent! It's perfect for the holidays! Has great cold and hot scent throw with soy wax
  • 10/14/2014 - Emerald H- Anonymous - I love it! Mulled Cider is very strong and a great seller! I use 1.5 oz in 1 lb of soy and it produces a great hot and cold throw! =)
  • 12/28/2013 - Marcas B- Anonymous - Over the past fall, this was a seller. Very strong cider scent... yet pleasant. I'mm putting up for 5 stars. Good scent, good seller, good idea. I used to go to a local apple orchard every fall as a kid. This is that smell. Almost the same exact thing. Love this one. - By Philary
  • 10/06/2013 - Geraldine C- Anonymous - I just poured my first candle with the fragrance and whether they changed the formula or not (first time I used it), it's incredible. If they did change it, glad they did!! Lonestar is my absolute favorite supplier hands down!!
  • 08/20/2013 - Lonestar S- Anonymous - (Lone Star) We spoke to our manufacturer of this product and they assure us the formula has not changed. From time-to-time if one of the raw ingredients is purchased from a different region of the world, it may be slightly different since essential oils are a natural product, however, this is usually undetectable and rare in circumstance. We have carried this fragrance for many years and it continues to be a top seller. Thank you all for your feedback.
  • 08/01/2013 - - Anonymous - mulled cider was one of my top seller. the scent changed and is now way down the list. I wish Lone Star would speak to their production company and get back that great original scent. I would buy in 25lb quantities but now I am shy about getting the lesser scent. I have to blend the mulled cider to get it better.
  • 04/30/2013 - - Anonymous - I agree with one of the other reviewers. This was one of our best sellers. We thought something changed with it, but they denied it. Glad we weren't the only ones that thought so!!
  • 03/25/2013 - Jennifer H- Anonymous - Lonestar's Mulled Cider used to be one of my all time favorite fragrances. It was also my top seller at Christmas, even over my pine fragrances. Then a year or so ago the formula changed. The new Mulled Cider has a bite to it that makes it far less appealing.
  • 12/25/2012 - - Anonymous - Love this scent. I think it's almost impossible not to like. Perfect for fall/holiday candles. Warm and not too sweet or spicy - perfect balance of all 3.
  • 12/01/2012 - Melissa T- Anonymous - One of our top sellers. We always have people request this scent.
  • 11/21/2012 - Billie H- Anonymous - Great scent. Outselling all other smas scents two to one.




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