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Harvest of northern pines.

IFRA Maximum Usage Level:
Lip Products:  NOT Allowed
Creams, Lotions, Oils (except baby products):  100%
Soap (Liquid & Bar):  100%
Candles, Room Fragrance Products:  100%

(See IFRA Certificate on Technical Information tab for more details)

Product Reviews

  • 11/08/2015 - Khachi C- Anonymous - Great hot and cold throw! Absolutely amazing. My kids love this smell and it made my whole house smell great. Definitely will be buying more from your company
  • 05/19/2015 - edward j- Anonymous - Great scent. Like a Christmas tree. Very good throw. Our favorite!
  • 11/27/2014 - edward j- Anonymous - This is our favorite in our home. It makes everything smell like a fresh forest or a fresh real Christmas tree without the mess! Has a very good throw as well!
  • 06/26/2014 - Bekah M- Anonymous - Of course nothing beats stepping out into the forest and smelling real pine. But for a synthetic oil, this one is very refreshing and nice!
  • 12/28/2013 - Marcas B- Anonymous - This pine really does smell incredibly realistic. Since I never use anything but soy, putting this scent in with a natural fuel works wonders. A very premium fragrance. Helped us get through an allergy free Christmas without the extra cash and care of a real tree. Very Pine!!! Dead on! This is a huge seller, the scent customers are looking for with the response I am looking for. Sold out once; not making that mistake again. - By Philary
  • 12/21/2013 - - Anonymous - We love this one. Made the entire house smell like Christmas. I used Christmas tree scent as well and love this one more. It has a good throw for the scent and is my favorite from Thanksgiving to Christmas. :)
  • 10/17/2013 - Nicole M- Anonymous - I wanted to love this. I use the container blend wax and when mixed with the oil it takes on a "pee" smell. Not pleasant at all. I couldn't even give these away. Anyone else have this problem? I still have not found a good pine oil to use.
  • 06/19/2013 - edward j- Anonymous - LOVE this one. GREAT at Christmas since we have an artificial tree! Made it smell real!