Candle Containers

We carry a wide variety of high quality candle containers, ranging from beautiful glass jars from manufacturers such as Libbey Glass and Anchor Hocking to many other popular style jars like mason jars, apothecary jars, jelly jars, hexagon jars, 12 sided classic jars, candle bowls, cube jars, status jars, tumblers, and many more.  We also carry votive holders, tealight cups, and wax melt clamshell molds.


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  1. Hexagon Jar 3.75oz
    Hexagon Jar 3.75oz
    As low as $1.65
  2. Hexagon Jar 4oz
    Hexagon Jar 4oz
    As low as $1.70
  3. Hexagon Jar 6.5oz
    Hexagon Jar 6.5oz
    As low as $1.75
  4. Hexagon Jar 9oz
    Hexagon Jar 9oz
    As low as $1.90
  5. Libbey 3-Wick Hexagon Jar 18.2oz
    Libbey 3-Wick Hexagon Jar 18.2oz
    As low as $2.46
  6. Libbey Candle Bowl 14.25oz
    Libbey Candle Bowl 14.25oz
    As low as $2.43
  7. Libbey Cube 14oz
    Libbey Cube 14oz
    As low as $3.70
  8. Libbey Cube 22oz
    Libbey Cube 22oz
    As low as $3.19
  9. Libbey Cube 7.25oz
    Libbey Cube 7.25oz
    As low as $2.34
  10. Libbey Cylinder Jar 15oz
    Libbey Cylinder Jar 15oz
    As low as $2.85
  11. Libbey Cylinder Jar 22oz
    Libbey Cylinder Jar 22oz
    As low as $2.89

92 Results

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