The Candle Maker

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The Candle Maker has revolutionized at-home candle making by taking out all of the guess work. This handy little contraption tells you exactly how much wax to add to the pot, melts the wax to the perfect temperature, tells you when to add the fragrance oil, and it even stirs the wax for you! The intuitive display alerts you when it's time to add your ingredients and when your candle is ready to pour!

The pouring pot will hold about 7 - 8 oz of soy wax flakes but up to 16oz of melted wax (we recommend using the Golden Brands 464 Soy Container Wax). Then, when your Candle Maker is ready, you add half an ounce of fragrance oil and let it do the rest of the work for you! While your fragrance and wax are being mixed together, you can prep your candle jar with an appropriate wick (we recommend using our 12 oz Salsa Jars with an ECO-14 6" Wick). The Candle Maker will tell you when it's time to pour the wax in your jar and...voila! Your perfectly poured candle is ready to cool and then cure for about a week (we recommend curing time to help improve your scent throw).

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