How to Make Your Own Hand Soaps


Looking for a Do-It-Yourself kid craft that reinforces hand washing? It's a win-win way to stay safe and have fun with your kids at home with our DIY soap-making.  As soap is just a little harder to come by these days, with a few easy steps and simple products you can make your own with this fun, family craft.  Perfect for an adult with kids age 8 and up, they will be able to take to the kitchen and be creative with shapes and molds, and their favorite fragrances (optional).  Do your part (with a sprinkle of fun) to kill those germs and keep your loved ones safe.  Whether you use it inside your home or spread the love with community or neighbor gifts - let's stay connected and #dothefive.

Washing your hands regularly with soap and water removes germs from your hands and helps prevent infections because:

1. You touch your face more than you realize and germs can enter the body through your eyes, nose, and mouth.
2. Germs can get into your food and drinks if you're touching them with unwashed hands and some germs can multiply in certain foods!
3. Germs can be transferred to objects like doorknobs, handrails, tables, or toys and then passed to another person.

Click here to watch a video tutorial for this project as well!

Let's get started making your very own hand soaps! First, let's gather our materials:

Step 1 - Cut & Measure Your Soap

Cut your soap into small cubes about half an inch in diameter. Cutting the Cubes this size will help the soap melt a bit faster in the microwave. You'll want to measure the soap by weight to make sure you have enough to fill your molds. This heart mold can hold about 3.2oz in each cavity if filled all the way up. So, measure out about 20oz if you want to fill the whole tray.

Step 2 - Melt Soap & Add Fragrance Oil

Put the cubes of soap into the microwave-safe container and melt them in the microwave at 20-30 second bursts. Remove the soap from the microwave and stir each time to see if all the cubes are melted. Once the soap is completely melted, you'll need to add your soap-safe fragrance oil. We recommend adding between 6-9% fragrance or 1-1.5oz per pound of soap. Stir the soap and fragrance oil together until they are fully incorporated and you're ready to move on to the next step.

Step 3 - Pour Soaps Into The Mold

Slowly fill each cavity of the mold up with soap. Try to pour slowly so you don't create any bubbles that may settle in the soap.

Step 4A - Spray Bubbles With Alcohol

This part is completely optional but if you would like to remove the bubbles on the tops of the soaps, simply spray them with the rubbing alcohol and they'll pop! The alcohol will dry as the soaps set up like it was never there.

Step 4B - Spray Bubbles With Alcohol

As you can see in the picture, all those bubbles have disappeared!

Step 5 - Allow Soap to Cool & Harden

You'll want to let the soaps completely cool before you try to remove them from the molds. Luckily they only take about an hour or two to set up (depending on the size of the mold). Also, try not to move them as you can spill the hot soap or create imperfections. I moved the mold to my cutting board so I could transport it (carefully) if I needed to.

Step 6 - Remove From Mold & Enjoy!

Once the soaps are completely cool and hardened, remove them from the molds and they're ready to go! If you are storing the soaps for a while, you'll want to make sure to put them in an air-tight container to minimize the chance for the soap to "sweat."

That's it! Wasn't that easy? Now it's your turn to try making your own soaps. Get creative and make it your own by choosing your favorite mold and soap-safe fragrance.
These make great soaps that you can keep for yourself or give to your friends and family as gifts!

We'd love to see pictures of your creations! If you post your results on social media, make sure you tag us and use #lscscommunity to see your pictures on our Lone Star Community page!