Preparing a Mold With a Wick Pin

Wick Pins are used to make pouring pillars and votives easy.

Take a look at this short video to see how to use this amazing tool.

First, take your rubber mold plug and trim a bit of the end off so your wick pin will lay flat.
Next, turn the mold over and push the plug into the wick hole.
You'll want to press the plug in with enough force to seal the hole up so your wax won't leak out.
Then, slide the wick pin into the mold and you're ready.
You can also use putty or sticky tack to seal your wick hole.
Take a piece of your putty roll it into a ball.
Now, turn the mold over and press the putty into the wick hole.
Be sure to smooth out the edges of the putty so you get a good seal.
Finally, slide the wick pin into the mold and that's it!