Guide to Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin Content in Fragrance Oils

What does Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin content in fragrance oils mean?  Is it important for candle-making?

Vanillin is one of the components that contribute to the distinct aroma of vanilla.  It is an organic crystal that forms on the outside of the vanilla bean.  The demand for vanilla flavoring has always outweighed the possible supply.  Most, but not all, Vanillin is synthetically produced.

Ethyl Vanillin is a synthetic chemical that is similar in structure to Vanillin.  Ethyl Vanillin is three times stronger in potency than Vanillin, but it is slightly different with regard to the note.

Fragrance oils that contain Vanillin or Ethyl Vanillin will oxidize faster than fragrance oils that do not contain this ingredient. Oxidation causes the fragrance oils to become darker in color over time.  To some candlemakers and soapmakers, this isn't a big deal if you are using dye in your candles or soap or if you want to achieve a darker color naturally.  However, if you are not using dye and want your candles and soap to stay light in color, this could be a problem over time.  The darker color could show up after only a week of your candles or soap curing or it could take much longer.  It just depends on the chemistry of the specific products you are using.  Having your finished product appear darker in color does not affect its scent throw, it is simply important for the appearance you are trying to achieve.

Fragrance oils that are higher in Vanillin content may also crystalize when the weather is colder.  The Vanillin portion of the fragrance will appear as small white crystals.  All that needs to be done is to put the tightly sealed fragrance bottle in very warm water and the crystals will melt and mix back into the fragrance oil.  The integrity of the fragrance is not compromised; it simply separates if the temperature gets too cold.

Fragrance Name Vanillin Content
Almond None
Almond Cake 10%
Amaretto 4.20%
Amber Romance (type) 1.90%
Amber Vanilla 1.70%
Angel Wings 2.60%
Apple Blossom None
Apple Chai 11.48%
Apple Cinnamon 0.58%
Apple Hot Baked Pie 0.40%
Apple Jack N Peel 0.51%
Apple Pumpkin Butter 5.70%
Apple Slices None
Apple Strudel 0.60%
Arugula None
Aspen Woods 0.02%
Autumn Harvest None
Autumn Lodge (type) 4.40%
Autumn Pear 1.70%
Baby Powder 2.01%
Baja Cactus Blossom (type) 0.38%
Balsam & Cedar (type) None
Banana Nut Bread 5.20%
Banana Palm Leaf None
Banana 0.05%
Bay Breeze None
Bayberry 0.20%
Bergamot None
Berry Bliss 4.10%
Berry Bramble (type) None
Bird of Paradise None
Birthday Cake 9.51%
Black Cherry 2%
Black Cypress & Cassis None
Black Fig & Honey 0.90%
Black Ice (type) None
Black Night Phoenix 0.10%
Black Raspberry Vanilla (type) None
Blackberry Amber (type) 0.20%
Blackberry Frankincense 0.10%
Blackberry Lemonade None
Blooming Mums None
Blue (men's type) None
Blue Agave Melon None
Blue Sugar (type) 0.55%
Blueberry Cobbler 9.73%
Blueberry 0.80%
Bluebonnet None
Bow Ties & Bourbon (type) 0.80%
Brown Sugar 2.10%
Bubble Gum 3.23%
Burberry Brit (men's type) 0.20%
Butt Naked 5.10%
Butter Pecan Pie 6.59%
Buttercream 11.80%
Butternut Pumpkin 6.40%
Butterscotch 3%
Fragrance Name Vanillin Content
Cabernet Sauvignon 5.55%
Cake Bake 8.97%
Candied Yams 1.20%
Candy Cane 5.25%
Candy Corn 20.01%
Cannabis & Exotic Hemp 1.90%
Cantaloupe None
Cappuccino Brulee 6.20%
Caramel Apple 11%
Caramel Toffee 7.90%
Caribbean Escape (type) 1.63%
Carrot Cake 0.40%
Cashmere 0.50%
Cedar None
Chamomile None
Chardonnay None
Cherry Blossom (type) 0.05%
Cherry 0.28%
China Rain None
Chocolate Mint 1.35%
Christmas Cabernet 1.22%
Christmas Cheer 3.10%
Christmas Cookie 2.60%
Christmas Hearth 9.46%
Christmas Mulberry 0.45%
Christmas Tree None
Cinnamon Apple Berry (type) None
Cinnamon Buns 3%
Cinnamon Buttercream 4.18%
Cinnamon Caramel Swirl (type) 14%
Cinnamon Stick 1.46%
Cinnamon Sugar Donuts 8.32%
Cinnamon Vanilla 14%
Citronella None
Citrus Cilantro (type) None
CK-1 (type) 0.01%
Clean Cotton (type) None
Clove None
Coconut Bourbon 9.30%
Coconut Creme Pie 5.90%
Coconut Hibiscus 1.40%
Coconut Lime Verbena (type) 0.10%
Coconut 3.40%
Cool Citrus Basil (type) None
Cool Cucumber 0.25%
Cool Tropical Breeze (type) None
Cool Water (men's type) None
Coriander Rosewood None
Cotton Blossom 0.20%
Cotton Bouquet None
Cotton Candy 9.45%
Country Breeze None
Cowboy None
Cranberry Chutney (type) 0.10%
Cranberry Kettle Corn 5.90%
Cranberry Marmalade 4.40%
Cranberry Peppermint (type) 0.20%
Cranberry 6%
Creamy Vanilla 12.06%
Creme Brulee 9.80%
Cucumber Melon (type) None
Fragrance Name Vanillin Content
Dauntless 0.01%
Desperado 5%
Dickens Christmas None
Diva (type) 1.25%
Downy April Fresh (type) None
Drakkar Noir (type) None
Dream Angels - Halo (type) 0.27%
Dreamsickle 12.30%
Drunken Punkin 3.33%
Dulce Pumpkin 5.33%
Early Sunrise (type)  <0.10%
Egg Nog  4.25%
Egyptian Sheets 1 - 10%
Endless Love (type)  0.18%
Endless Weekend (type) 0.40%
English Ivy 0.0001%
Eternity (men's type) None
Eucalyptus Spearmint  1.84%
Eucalyptus None
Exotic None
Fall Festival None
Fierce None
Fig None
Fireside (type) 0.10%
Firewood 0.10%
Fizzy Pop  1.90%
Flannel (type) 0.30%
Flowerbomb (type) 0.30%
Flowering Cannabis 0.97%
Forever Romance (type) 0.04%
Frankincense & Myrrh 2.90%
French Market 0.15%
French Vanilla  9.76%
Fresh Baked Bread 0.95%
Fresh Cut Grass None
Fruit Slices None
Fudge Brownie 4.15%
Gardenia Lily (type) 0.05%
Gardenia  0.03%
Georgia Peach None
Ginger & Lime (type) 0.02%
Ginger & Pear 0.70%
Gingerbread 9%
Gingersnap Pumpkin 3%
Granny Smith (type) None
Green Tea & Cucumber (type) None
Grey Dawn 0.04%
Gunpowder 060%
Fragrance Name Vanillin Content
Hansel & Gretel's House 7.20%
Harvest (type) 0.25%
Hawaiian Blast None
Hazelnut Coffee  1 - 10%
Hazelnut 18.7%
Hershey's Chocolate (type) 6%
Hibiscus Guava Fresca (type) None
High Maintenance (type) 2.76%
Hollyberry 9.90%
Home for the Holidays (type) None
Home Sweet Home None
Honey Lavender Gelato (type) 1.10%
Honey 5.70%
Honeysuckle None
Hot Cranberry Tea 0.60%
Hydrangea 0.30%
Iced Pear Margarita (type) 0.09%
Iced Tea 0.02%
Icicles None
Indian Sandalwood 0.23%
Indian Summer None
Inner Peace  None
Into the Night (type) 2%
Irish Spring (type) None
Jack Frost (type) 0.40%
Japanese Cherry Blossom (type) 0.05%
Jasmine & Green Apple (type) 0.06%
Jasmine None
Juicy Pear None
Juniper Breeze (type) None
Key Lime Pie (type) 5.50%
Kumquat None
Lavender 0.0002%
Leather None
Leaves (type) 0.20%
Lemon Chiffon 0.50%
Lemon Drop None
Lemon Lavender (type) None
Lemon Meringue Pie 1.50%
Lemon Verbena (type) 0.10%
Lemongrass Sage (type) None
Lilac None
Lily of the Valley None
Lime Cilantro None
Lime None
Love Spell None
Fragrance Name Vanillin Content
Macintosh Apple None
Magnolia None
Mahogany Teakwood (type) 1.52%
Mahogany Woods (type) 1.05%
Mandarin Cranberry (type)  0.20%
Mango Beachwood (type) None
Mango Mandarin (type) None
Mango Papaya  None
Mango 1.90%
Maple Pecan 11.45%
Maple Sugar 19%
Marshmallow Fireside (type) 6%
Marshmallow Madness 15.10%
Masquerade None
Merlot None
Midnight Moon 4.10%
Midnight Pomegranate (type) 0.17%
Midsummer's Night (type) None
Mistletoe (type) 0.15%
Monkey Farts 0.90%
Moonlight Path (type) 0.10%
Moose Munch 7.50%
Mountain Frost (type) 0.1%
Mountain Lake 0.20%
Mulberry 1.50%
Mulled Cider 7.82%
Muscadine 0.25%
Nagchampa 2.20%
Nordic Spa  0.035%
Oakmoss 2%
Oatmeal Milk & Honey 2%
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 5.30%
Ocean Overlook None
Ocean Waves None
Olive Leaves 0.50%
Open Range 0.50%
Orange Grove None
Fragrance Name Vanillin Content
Paramour None
Passion Fruit 1.65%
Patchouli 0.09%
Peaches & Cream 2.40%
Pearberry (type) None
Peony (type) None
Peppermint Bark 6.30%
Peppermint None
Persian Cucumber & Grapefruit None
Pina Colada Paradise 1.35%
Pina Colada 0.40%
Pine 0.10%
Pineapple Cilantro (type)  1 - 10%
Pineapple 0.40%
Pink (type) None
Pink Chiffon 1.20%
Pink Grapefruit None
Pink Lime 0.10%
Pink Sugar (type) 7.55%
Pipe Tobacco 2.80%
Pistachio Latte 4.30%
Plum Blush  None
Plumeria (type) None
Pomegranate Cider 1.10%
Pomegranate Lemonade  None
Pomegranate 2.30%
Pound Cake  5.50%
Princess Jasmine  None
Pumpkin Caramel Delight 14.60%
Pumpkin Chai 5.47%
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (type) 2%
Pumpkin Pickin 6%
Pumpkin Pie Spice 2.50%
Pumpkin Seeds & Oud 3%
Pumpkin Souffle 7%
Pure Seduction (type) None
Rain None
Rainforest Blossoms None
Ranch Hand 0.80%
Raspberry Cream (type) 0.15%
Red Hot Cinnamon None
Rose Petals  0.02%
Rugged None
Fragrance Name Vanillin Content
Sage & Citrus (type)  0.34%
Sage Leaf None
Salted Caramel 14%
Salted Cucumber & Pepino Melon None
Sandalwood & Ginger Apple None
Sandalwood None
Sea Breeze None
Sea Petals None
Sex on the Beach 1.65%
Ski Lodge (type) 0.5%
Smell of Christmas None
Smoke Eliminator None
Snickerdoodle 16.64%
Spearmint None
Spiced Apple 0.35%
Spooky Punch 1%
Spring Rain None
Spruce Orchard 1.45%
Stargazer Lily (type) None
Storm Watch (type) None
Strawberries & Champagne (type) None
Strawberries & Cream 5%
Strawberry Cheesecake 0.50%
Strawberry Kiwi 0.39%
Strawberry 2.60%
Sugar Cookie 5.20%
Sugar Plum Spice 2.35%
Sugared Cronut  1 - 10%
Summer Creamsickle None
Sun & Sea None
Sun Ripened Tomato None
Sunflower 0.24%
Sunwashed Linen (type) None
Sweater Weather (type) 0.65%
Sweet Grace (type)  0.20%
Sweet Holiday Blend Coffee 8.21%
Sweet Jasmine Vine None
Sweet Mandarin & Chili Pepper  None
Sweet Pea (type) None
Sweet Potato Pie 6.10%
Sweet Snow 16.62%
Swiss Miss 3.15%
Fragrance Name Vanillin Content
Teak Bamboo  0.10 - 1%
Tommy (men's type) None
Tropic Wind None
Tuberose 0.60%
Tulips (type) None
Tuscan Herb (type) None
Twilight Woods (type) 0.75%
Vampire Blood (type) 1%
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee 15.5%
Vanilla Bean 12%
Vanilla Cardamom  15.60%
Vanilla Chai 11.51%
Vanilla Cotton 9.80%
Vanilla Maple Pecan 9.24%
Vanilla Satin 14.90%
Venice Peach Bellini (type) 0.10%
Verbena Bamboo 0.07%
Very Sexy For Her (type) 0.03%
Vineyard (type) 1.60%
Warm Vanilla Sugar (type) 4.15%
Watermelon Lemonade (type) None
Watermelon 0.34%
Welcome Home 0.20%
Western Lace 1%
White Cake 6.56%
White Cherry Blossom (type)  None
White Christmas 0.60%
White Ginger & Amber (type) 1.10%
White Linen (women's type) 0.50%
White Nectarine & Pink Coral None
White Tea & Ginger (type) None
Wild Cherry 1.30%
Wind Swept Shores  None
Wine & Roses 0.10%
Winter (type) 1%
Winter Hideaway None
Wisteria None
Zanzibar Clove (type) 0.96%
Zen Paradise None