Candle Making Fragrance Recipes

Summer Fragrance RecipesSummer Fragrance Recipes

If you like fruity, tropical, and fun fragrance oils then you need to check these recipes out!

Fall Fragrance RecipesFall Fragrance Recipes

For these recipes, we were inspired by the warm and rich fragrances that you can find everywhere during this season.

Winter Fragrance RecipesWinter Fragrance Recipes

Check out our selection of amazing Winter fragrance recipes. You can also find many of our popular Holiday inspired fragrance recipes here.

Spring Fragrance OilsSpring Fragrance Recipes

If you enjoy the clean and floral fragrances of Spring, you will LOVE this collection of fragrance recipes!

Masculine Fragrance RecipesMasculine Fragrance Recipes

Here will have compiled a list of our masculine fragrance recipes that would be perfect for the man in your life.

Feminine Fragrance RecipesFeminine Fragrance Recipes

If you like girly and effeminate scents, you'll enjoy this collection of fragrance recipes!

Leather Fragrance RecipesLeather Fragrance Recipes

Leather is one of our most popular fragrances. So much that we were asked to create a whole bunch of fragrance recipes using this scent. 

Movie & TV Inspired Fragrance RecipesMovie & TV Inspired Fragrance Recipes

For these fragrance recipes, we were inspired by some of our favorite pop culture subjects like moives and TV shows!

Other Fragrance RecipesOther Fragrance Recipes

Here, you will find many other different fragrance recipes that didn't fall under any of the other categories.