Wooden Wicks

Wooden wicks are relatively new to the candle making industry.  Generally, there are two types of wooden wicks - hard wood wicks and soft wood wicks.  You may have seen hard wood wicks available but they don't even compare to the superiority of the soft wood wicks.  Our soft wood wicks offer the unique sounds of a wood burning fire as they crackle and pop while they burn.

Our soft wood wicks are comprised of two identical pieces of wood pressed together.  The dual wick is ideal for natural waxes such as soy as well as waxes that can hold a lot of fragrance oil.

See our Wooden Wick Size Chart in our Candle Making University for a wick recommendation.

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  1. X-Small Wooden Wick
    X-Small Wooden Wick
    As low as $3.75
  2. Small Wooden Wick
    Small Wooden Wick
    As low as $5.75
  3. Medium Wooden Wick
    Medium Wooden Wick
    As low as $6.45
  4. Large Wooden Wick
    Large Wooden Wick
    As low as $6.95
  5. X-Large Wooden Wick
    X-Large Wooden Wick
    As low as $7.45
  6. Wooden Wick Sample Kit
    Wooden Wick Sample Kit
  7. Wick Tabs for Wooden Wicks
    Wick Tabs for Wooden Wicks
    As low as $1.08

8 Results

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