NEW! IGI 1302 Mottling Pillar Wax


Volume Discounts

Quantity          Price
5 cases           $98.45 (per case)
10 cases         $96.95 (per case)

Melt Point: 138°F
Flash Point: >400°F
Suggested Pouring Temp: 180-200°F

This wax has replaced the IGI 1274 wax. They are very similar but proper testing should be done to insure that all your elements are working together well.

Paraffin wax blend designed for use in the manufacture of "mottled" style pillar and votive candles.

  • Mottling effect creates a unique, rustic look on the finished candle.
  • Holds average amount of fragrance oil.  Fragrance oil retention of 5% is  typical.
  • Good mold release.
  • Good burn characteristics.
  • Average pouring temperature: 180-200°F. 

Pallets may not be available at this time. Please call to inquire.

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