IGI 2281 Base Paraffin Wax


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Quantity          Price
5 cases           $80.61 (per case)
10 cases         $79.11 (per case)

Melt Point: 123°
Flash Point: 400°F
Suggested Pouring Temp: 150-160°F

This soft wax is designed for use in the manufacture of mottled container candles, or can be used to achieve a smooth look with the addition of additives such as Vybar 260.

  • Very little shrinkage occurs which means that a re-pour is usually not necessary (when no additives are used and wax is poured at 150°F or below.)
  • Fragrance oil retention of 3% is  typical.  Higher fragrance loads may be achievable with the use of additives although you should be aware that the use of additives will diminish the "mottled" look.
  • Good scent throw.
  • Good burn characteristics.
  • Average pouring temperature is 150-160°F 

Pallets may need a 3-4 week lead time based on availability.

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