IGI 4633 Container Blend Wax (J-223)


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8 cases           $66.86 (per case)
15 cases         $64.86 (per case)

Melt Point: 124°F
Flash Point: >500°F
Suggested Pouring Temp: 145-155°F

Soft and creamy, this low-shrink blend is designed specifically for container candles.

  • Has excellent adherence to container sides.
  • Holds above average amounts of fragrance oil.  Fragrance oil retention of 8-10% is typical.
  • Can generally be used as a single pour wax when poured at 145-155°F although occasional topping off may be required.
  • Properly wicked, can achieve a 3.5" plus melt pool.
  • Scent throw is excellent both hot and cold.
  • Very good burn characteristics.
  • Wax is opaque which allows brighter colors with less dye. 

Pallets may need a 3-4 week lead time based on availability.

Safety Data Sheet

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