IGI 4826 Specialty Wax for Tarts/ Wax Chips


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5 cases           $108.25 (per case)
10 cases         $106.75 (per case)

Melt Point: 140°F (congeal point)
Flash Point: >374°F
Suggested Pouring Temp: 160-170°F

This wax is a specialty wax formulated specifically for use in scented wax chips, tarts, and clamshell molds.

  • Smooth, opaque, hard surface consistency.
  • Excellent release from molds.
  • Excellent scent release when used with warmers suited to the 4826A congeal point. 
  • Proprietary additive package allows this wax to accomodate 6-8% fragrance load.  Higher loads may be possible.
  • Very good burn characteristics.
  • Great scent throw.
  • 140°F congeal point better suited for warm climates vs. lower melt point chip waxes.
  • Average pour temperature: 160-170°F

Note:  You will need to test this tart wax with your specific warmer.  Not all warmers are the same.  Some have a higher wattage bulb in them and melt the wax tarts better than others.

Pallets may need a 3-4 week lead time based on availability.

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