Wooden Wick Sampler Kit

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Our NEW wooden wicks are made of two identical pieces of wood pressed together to create a wick that is ideal for natural waxes and candles that contain a heavy fragrance load.

Sample Kit Includes three of each of our NEW wooden wicks, and 15 wicktabs. See sizes below:


PLEASE NOTE: The type of wax you use and the amount of fragrance oil and dye that your candles contain will effect the way these wicks burn. We recommend testing all of your materials together to make sure you are achieving the proper burn for your candles. See our wooden wick sizing chart in the Candle Making University for a recommendation. We recommend not trimming these wicks any shorter than 1/4th of an inch to get a flame that is large enough to burn your candles. 

These wicks were added to our inventory October 24, 2017. The wicks we sold prior to that are no longer available.

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