Product Specific Questions

For your convenience, we have categorized several questions by category to help you find the answer to your question quickly. Visit the Lone Star Candle Making University for more helpful information.

Are the containers and lids sold separately?

Yes, they are sold separately.

My fragrance has some hard crystals in the bottom of the bottle. What is this?

This is called crystallizing, and it does not happen very often.  It does not do anything to degrade the quality of the fragrance.  The crystals need to be dissolved back in to the fragrance mixture before using it because these are components of the fragrance.  The crystals will dissolve when the fragrance is heated slightly.  You can put the fragrance bottle into a bowl of very warm water to allow it to heat the fragrance.  You may also need to shake the fragrance to help the crystals disperse.

How do I know what lid is compatible with the container I am ordering?

Many of the containers we offer have more than one lid that is compatible. Each individual container page will have links to the lid(s) that fit that specific jar. If there are no lids listed, then we do not carry a lid that will fit that container.

Do any of the containers come with lids?

The Anchor Country Comfort and Libbey Storage containers are available lidded with the bubble lid, and they are also sold separately if you prefer a different style lid.

Can I order lids without containers?

Yes, you can order lids without ordering containers.  Please make sure the lid is compatible with the container you are ordering.

How do I measure the diameter of my jar?

The diameter of the container will be the widest point across the jar.  Some jars will have a smaller mouth than the rest of the jar; make sure you are measuring the widest point of the jar.

How full should my jar be filled with wax?

The wax should be poured to the widest point of the jar.  If you have a container that is egg-shaped or is much wider in the middle than at the top, you may notice that the wax shrinks down some on top.  When you are filling into the smaller neck of the container, the top of the wax will tend to cool faster than the middle because it has a smaller surface area, and it will tend to shrink in the center.

I got a 16 oz. container, but it won't hold that much. Did I get the wrong jar?

We keep the ounce measurement on the containers that are provided by the manufacturer.  Unfortunately, this measurement can vary sometimes.  For this reason, we have the actual dimensions of the jar listed.  Please keep in mind these dimensions are the fillable portion of the container; it does not include the neck or lid.