Sales Tax Verification by State

          Arizona - Online Verification

          Arkansas - Online Verification  Click 'Inquiries' -> 'Validate Sales Tax Permit'

          California - Online Verification  Click 'Verify a Permit, License or Account Now' Add a leading zero if provided with an 8-digit number.

          Colorado - Online Verification

          Georgia - Online Verification

          Florida - Online Verification  Contact Name: Lone Star Candle Supply, Inc.     Certificate Number: 78-8018593161-5

          Illinois - Online Verification  Click 'Businesses' -> 'Verify a registered business' (listed under inquiries)

          Indiana - Online Verification

          Kansas - Call for verification.  1-785-368-8222: Select option #5, then option #2.  They will ask for the tax number provided, name, and possibly address.  

          Kentucky - Online Verification

          Louisiana - Online Verification

          Maryland - Online Verification

          Michigan - Online Verification (May require call in to verify)

          Minnesota - Online Verification (May require call in to verify)

          Mississippi - Online Verification  'Verify a Permit Number'

          Missouri - No longer offers online verification. Make sure the MO ID has 8 digits (according to their form), and accept in good faith.

          Nebraska - Online Verification  (May require call in to verify)

          Nevada - Online Verification

          New Jersey - Online Verification or TaxJar Link

          New Mexico -Online Verification or TaxJar Link Under “Businesses,” select “Check CRS Status.” From there, enter CRS ID, zip code, and last 4 of SSN, FEIN, or ITIN. 

          North Carolina - Online Verification or TaxJar Link

          Ohio - Online Verification or TaxJar Link CTRL F - List of Active Vendors - This will download a spreadsheet.  Use Edit -> FInd -> Within: Workbook to search the entire workbook 

          Oklahoma - Online Verification   Under 'I Want To' -> 'Search' -> 'Sales Permits' -> 'Sales Permits'

          Pennsylvania - Verification unavailable (Still researching)

          Rhode Island - Call 401-574-8829, Option 5, Option 2, speak to a human to verify

          South Carolina - Verification unavailable (Still researching)

          Tennessee - Online Verification   'Look Up Information' -> 'Verify a Sales and Use Tax Certificate

          Texas - Online Verification

          Utah - Online Verification? or Allows certificates to be accepted 'in good faith'

          Virginia - Online Verification? (May require call in to verify)

          Washington - Online Verification   'Reports and Tools' -> 'Reseller Permit Verification'

          West Virginia - Online Verification (May require call in to verify)

          Wisconsin - Online Verification Click 'Quick Links' -> 'Search Account Number/Filing Frequency' (listed under 'Business Taxes')