IGI 4630 Harmony Blend Container Wax

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Melt Point: 115°F-125°F (typical 120°F)
Flash Point: >375°F
Suggested Pouring Temp: 150-160°F

This wax exhibits much of the exceptional hot and cold throw of the 4627 Comfort Blend, only in slab form.  PLUS IT COSTS LESS!!  A smooth, creamy, true single pour wax that is specially designed for the manufacture of paraffin container candles. 

  • A TRUE single pour wax when used properly.
  • Holds above average amount of fragrance oil.  Fragrance oil retention of 6 to 10% is typical.
  • Exhibits good adhesion to glass containers when used properly.
  • Very good burn characteristics.
  • Great scent throw.
  • Average pouring temperature: 150-160°F 

Pallets may not be available at this time. Please call to inquire.

(Size: 3.6 MB)
Safety Data Sheet
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