Candle Wax Informational Guides

Candle Waxes & AdditivesCandle Wax & Additives

In this section, you can learn about the many different types of waxes and additives you can use to create your candles.

Choosing a Soy WaxChoosing a Soy Wax

Soy wax has become VERY popular over the last few years. In this section, you can find important details about all the different soy waxes we carry.

Heating & Pouring WaxesHeating & Pouring Waxes

The temperature of your wax is more important than you realize! Take a look at this article to see why.

Paraffin Wax GuidelinesParaffin Wax Guidelines

This section lists the many different types of paraffin waxes we carry and their recommended applications. You can also find the fragrance oil retention limits for all of these waxes here.

Palm Wax GuidelinesPalm Wax Guidelines

Palm wax can be a bit trickier than other waxes. Read over this section to learn more about them!

New EcoSoya Quantum Technology WaxNew EcoSoya Quantum Technology Wax

We did extensive testing on all of the new EcoSoya waxes before we ever started carrying them. In this section you can read over the full report of all our findings.

faqCandle Waxes FAQ

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions about our candle dyes.